Warranty and Repair


Product Warranty
A one-year Limited Warranty comes with all Apple hardware products. Your Apple hardware product is eligible for repair and services for one year from the invoice date and covers defects in workmanship and materials. Review of the terms and conditions of the Limited Warranty is recommended prior to purchasing your Apple product.

Custom-Configured Products

IQ offers products that are customized to your requirements. Please review your order carefully to ensure your specifications are exact and correct as the order cannot be changed, tailored or cancelled once it is in production.  

Microsoft Windows

Apple and third party software developers can provide you with solutions to safely and efficiently run Microsoft Windows OS on your Apple Hardware. IQ does not cover support or service for your Windows partition or Microsoft software problems. 

Defective Items: Apple Branded Products

Please contact the IQ store as soon as you believe your product to be defective. Keep your warranty and other supporting documents in a safe place to have them easily available to ensure you are covered should a defect occur. 
Dead on Arrival (DOA)
Dead On Arrival (DOA) Product: System Failure Out of the Box

Dead On Arrival (DOA) is a case when an Apple hardware product shows symptoms of a hardware failure preventing its basic functioning upon its first out of the box usuage. If your product appears to be DOA, please bring it to IQ with your receipt and warranty within 24 hours of purchase. IQ's Service Department will determine if the product is DOA and offer the following options:
  1. Replacement: IQ can set up a replacement order for your DOA product.

  2. Service: IQ can arrange for your product to be repaired, however once serviced the product is no longer eligible for replacement.  The Apple product must be deemed DOA by the Service Department within 24 hours of the invoice date in order to receive a replacement unit. 

DOA Terms and Conditions

The DOA policy applies to all Apple hardware products currently offered at IQ. As new products are constantly being made available, IQ reserves the right to change or amend this policy.

If the product is deemed DOA by IQ more than 24 hours after the invoice date, Apple’s standard product warranty will apply. 

If the product is not deemed DOA by IQ, Apple’s standard product warranty will apply.